"Improve and Diversify Your Tone" taught by Kevin Enstrom. This workshop demonstrates why the guitar has been compared to a small orchestra. Learn how to produce the best possible tone, how to file your nails, various plucking techniques and how to play with a variety of tonal colors and timbers.  


"Branding & Marketing in Music" taught by Christina Sandsengen.  A native of Norway, Christina Sandsengen has become and internationally touring artist and garnered a worldwide fanbase. Being a good musician is no longer sufficient these days. In an ever-changing musical environment, the successful musician must capitalize on technology, branding, marketing and endorsements. Learn how to navigate today's musical waters with Christina's insightful workshop. 



"Playing with Dynamics: A Study in Argentinian Music" taught by Dr. Julius Reder Carlson. Dr. Carlson is a musicologist and classical guitarist whose playing embodies extensive usage of dynamics for the greatest musical impact. Learn how to play with dynamics and take people on a musical journey. As a specialist in Argentinian music, Dr. Carlson will demonstrate practical ways in which your playing can become more nuanced and dynamic.  



"Iconic Guitars in History" taught by David Collett (president of Guitar Salon International) and Dr. Kouros Azar.  This workshop traces the development of the classical guitar from its early days to present times. You will be introduced to some of the historic instruments in the Azar Guitar Collection and how they influenced modern-day guitar luthiery. It's not every day that we get to watch, hear and experience the most iconic guitars in history.  


"Don't Waste Your Time: Infusing Purpose into Your Practice'" taught by Taso Comanescu. This workshop will provide you with very practical ways to avoid waisting your time while practicing. If progress is your goal, your practice time must be smartly structured and your approach must be  that of a problem solver instead of a performer. Learn how to infuse your practice with purpose and see your progress sky-rocket.


"The Struggle Is Real: The Business Side of the Guitar" taught by Tavi Jinariu. Now that you graduated with a music degree and have some massive student loans to pay off, how do you begin earning some money with the guitar? Or, how can you turn your hobby into a supplemental income? In this workshop Tavi Jinariu will share with you the reality of life as a musician and how you can make a living in today's highly competitive market and crowded guitar space.  


"Strum It Like You Mean It" taught by Ricardo Marlow. This course is an introduction to the famous flamenco strums known as "rasgueados." Learn how to avoid wimpy strums and infuse your guitar playing with powerful rasqueados for greater performance effectiveness. 


"From the Practice Room to the Stage" taught by Giovanni Piacentini. No matter how many hours we spend practicing in a room by ourselves, we may still be disappointed at our public performances. There is a crucial element of practicing to perform which, surprisingly, has little to do with the guitar and a lot to do with the right mentality. In this workshop you will learn ways in which you can transition mentally and practically from making music in your practice room to making music for others. 


2020 Los Angeles Guitar Festival

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